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Welcome to Flyte Family Farm. We're Outstanding in our Field!


Our small family of five is growing in numbers so we can thrive. Adam married Carrie so that makes six. Mikayla is seventh, 1 1/2 years after they were hitched. Jessica married Matt and that is eight. Tristan (Adam and Carrie) is nine, we are doing just great. Next, there was Karissa (Jessica and Matt) so that was ten. Taylor came next, Adam and Carrie said "No, never again!" Makenna (Jessica and Matt) came just before the big day, when JR and Kristen got married in Green Bay. Henry was born in 2008 (JR and Kristen), we think he is great! Addyson Grace (Jessica and Matt) was born early in the year 2009 bringing our family number to 15. It still isn't enough to keep our field clean. Along came Elliana( Jessica and Matt) and Charlie(J.R. and Kristen) in May 2012 maybe they can help get the job done.

High School to the rescue! Ten lucky souls from Westfield Pioneer join our crew in late April when onion planting is due. From there, they plant peppers, tomatoes, and such. Asparagus needs picking, oh, but not that much. Hoeing takes up most of June and July. Laughter and sunbathing help the many days go by. August is open 7 days a week so you can buy, buy, buy all the freshest of fresh.

Fall crops come next when everyone goes back to school. Lee and JR are left to set the rule. The pumpkin patch is large and the school children can't wait, but please come for your hayride and perfect pumpkin before it is too late. We never know when Jack Frost will visit.

We are always growing here at the Flyte Family Farm. This year we have doubled our acreage in strawberries. We are always looking for u-pickers out there; the crop looks fantastic.

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